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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  July 12, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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twist night as authorities search for the missing young girl, the development involving her father expecting any minute now. it is friday july 12th i am julie in for gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. there was chaos in san francisco this afternoon following a bloody attack in a crowded shopping complex south of the market that left two women dead. the ordeal began just after 2 this afternoon inside the gift center july ri mark. investigators say the attacker fired shots at police before surrendering. some store in the area were on locked down for more than two hours as police work to
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secure the area. jana happened to be driving by and was on the scene just as police started blocking off the streets. she talked to people inside the jewelry mart. jana joins us now of what she's learn. >> reporter: we have seen several vehicles coming out as well as people were inside the building. you can see down at the other end at eighth, well understand police found two weapons, a folding knife and a revolver. the names of the women killed their name have not been released. one couple heard shots and another couple heard screaming and they were among those who were locked down inside. >> reporter: the call came in about shots fired inside 888 brannan, some witnesses say they heard three shots on
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the basement level and the man ran through the hall shouting there was a man with a gun, hide. >> there was a lot of screaming and just people running up and down the hallway, frantic. >> we ducked in the room and they started locking the doors. >> the police chief says the first three officers arrived saw a man. >> the suspect was walking on the north side of the street covered in blood. >> the suspect fired at the officer and went into a near by mexican restaurant. >> police did not fire back because there were other people inside. >> and ran out of ammunition and through the gun on the ground and prone himself out and surrendered. >> on the base level, two women were found dead. one man was injured and taken to the hospital. later escorting people to the convention hall
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across the street while swat team and canine units searched room by room to rule out the possibility of second suspect inside. >> we have reasons to believe this is not the first time that this suspect was in the building. >> reporter: the chief says that officers did not know the motive. the male victim is in the hospital, we have learned that he's in critical condition but stable. back here live, we have seen people being released after they have been interviewed by police. we understand as many as 100 people were inside the building. the security of the building is very strict, there were two security guards and people have to wear name tags and have appointments to get in. this area will be shut down between brannan, between 7:00 and 8:00
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for quite a while. they still have quite a bitz of investigation still going on. >> reporter: first at sfo runway 28 reopened this afternoon. also, today a third passenger from that flight, a child died at the hospital. >> she died of her injuries. it is a patrick patient who has been in our care unit from the time of the crash. >> the family asked no further details to be released of the girl. the hospital called it a sad day for sf general. four women and one man. two of them remained in critical condition tonight and both are adults. san francisco police confirmed today one of the teenage girls died following the asiana crash was
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hit by a truck. 15-year-old wang lin jia was found underneath the fire foam and it appeared that a truck ran over him. the department is now waiting for the san mateo coroner to determine the cause of the death. all runways at sfo tonight once again fully operational six days after the crash. mike shows us now what it took today to get the airport back to normal. >> reporter: out bound, light operations of sfo up and running all the while, cameras click. and people reacted. >> just imagine what it felt p like to be up in there. >> i cannot believe i can stand in here and see the wreckage close and personal. >> the tail and the engines and the wheels and much more now at rest on the north side of the airport. >> it
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looks horrible and the most scary things. >> reporter: early
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0001 >> the da says he's free on a $70000 bail and will be in court on monday. 3
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8-year-old johnny montanez face -- into allegations of sexual abuse involving multiple family members. over the death of their father in a stun gun arrest. family member steve embraced today outside of the federal courthouse. sa lean died of a cardiac aarrest. the family acknowledges he was high but they said he was unarmed. >> there is wrong full death out there, you know, and a lot of cases are not proven but we take this to trial on and we are happy that we did. >> decisions can bring changes and
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tin how police use tasers in the future and could lead to more such loss suit. the city is considering an appeal. and the pavement is very very thin. wait until you see how strong it is and how much it weighs. her new physician involves the university of california. some cooling today across the entire bay area and coming up how much fog you can expect and the warming of your weekend's forecast.
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at least six people were killed on a train crash outside of paris o busiest day of the year. and crashed
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into the station, hundreds of firefighters worked to remove survivals from the wreckage. the cause is not known. jurors in the george zimmerman ended their deliberations today and are expected to resume tomorrow. the defense rapped up its closing argument saying it was a case of self defense when george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. during that time they asked to see a list of evidence. they have the option of a second degree murder conviction or man slaughter or they could find him not guilty. the opening of the new eastern ban of the bay bridge maybe on hold but the finishing touch may be put on. tom vacar tell us now, the question is when. >> reporter: the
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broken bolt problem withstanding all the other finish finishing work of the bridge. the last big job goes on. >> all work is continuing on schedule. >> reporter: that's important because the as sfault is being laid over steel, not concrete like the rest of the bridge. >> and then the binder mixed in with the as fault. >> fully loaded semi trailly trucks or. >> reporter: this high-tech asphalt is thick. >> this is a highly dur rabble sub
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í resistance í substance that's put on the deck. bridge officials are asking the federal highway add mid strags to review the proposals making them the primary ones. that would by pass the broken bolt in the hope that the bridge could be open by labor day. i am tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. at&tsays it is spending $1 billion -- prepaid cell phone carriers carriers. and operates under the brand name cricket. at&t 5 million customers. shares jumped to $15. news with mix wells fargo and jp morgan reported profits.
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the owner of the online streamer hulu is taking that company off the market. it shows tv shows and movies from those network and had about 4 million page of describers. it appears so far those bids have been too low. a be loved bay area bakery restaurant back opening after a fire of closure for two months. the cause of that fire was never determined. employees say they're glad to be back at work. the oakland landmark is open on its regular schedule from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. a member of the white house maybe soon on her way to california, rob roth tell us now. >> reporter: homeland
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security janet appears to be -- she's been dominated of the first president of the california of university. >> the board of search committee, he spoke with her today. >> one of the things she want to to do is visit the campus. i think that's an incredibly a positive step. >> the the ability as a leader is more important. >> she was recruited and she was sought after. >> in a statement, i realized i am a non traditional candidate, in my experience i have found a best way to start is simply toisten. it was the
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female value acidic torn. >> you get someone with a fresh perspective with an outsider's perspective but a remarkable capacity to work with in governing institutions. . . that's three times what -- makes in washington. that's expected to happen at its next meeting on thursday. rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of low income parents lined up early today in san jose of a chance to give their children a head start for school. the program provides needy students with new backpacks and a lot of supplies
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for the upcoming school years. next month, they plan to distribute about 2300 backpacks to families who registered. the weekend is about here, mark is joining us now. >> looking pretty good this weekend. no major heat for saturday and e time lapse, this afternoon, the clouds clearing back to near the shoreline of the 3:00 hour. you can see the boat traffic. a lot of clear skies, the fog out there in a disí resistance í substance will increase coverage of the over night hours. most areas, 85 and liver more going up to 89 and santa rosa upper 80s. goes back up to 80s degrees for your saturday afternoon. we still have the steady on shore breeze so with that that'll help import the fog over night hours.
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temperatures right now updated for your 7:00 hours, some 70s towards fairfield. high pressure to the east will gradually build in just a little bit to the weekend pushing this up to the north. as a result tomorrow we'll warm things up as i mention a good 2 or 5 degrees of today's highs. warmer saturday and right around the bay. here is our forecast model first thing tomorrow morning, you can see the over cast out there at 8:00 and the afternoon hours by 3:00 the clouds pulling back near the shoreline and maybe a few patches once again for parts of the bay for tomorrow afternoon. santa rosa lower 80s. and oakland 73. san jose 82 and san francisco ol
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side the clouds of the morning becoming partly sunny for the afternoon and 66 in san francisco. looking ahead of your five-day forecast, not too much change for sunday. but no major heat on this five-day forecast, the warmest location by early next week could approaching the lower 90s. julie. >> thank you. the choking clouds swept across the cities of scottsdale and -- visibility there drops to as little as a quarter of mile to some places the select locations where fans can see the station of the shooting. for some giving blood takes on a new
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building and the message b the national blood drive. .
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the young girl who sooif survived and being shot by the taliban -- she celebrated her 16th birthday with a speech at the united nation. the pakistan teen called on leaders on the world to provide
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free education for all children, boys and girls. the movie based on a shooting oscar grant opened today on three bay area locations. it depicts the final 24 hours of a 22-year-old hayward man who was shot to death by police officer. the movie is showing at the grand lake theater in oakland and berkeley's california theater. the ban started in 1980s after the hiv virus started entering the nation's blood supply. making the sure the supply is safe. the ban remains in place because of an increase risk of infection.
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and thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we'll see you next time for break, i am julie our coverage continues at 10:00. we are always here for you at and tmz is up next right here on tv 36. tonight we are continuing with coverage of the two women killed.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> so there is a race war exploding in l.a. but we have to talk about sharks on the 405. >> "sharknado. >> everybody won't shut up about it. >> the hurricane/tornado thing blows them in the shore. they were in van nuys. >> was the sharks like this isn't great? >> demi moore is going to a three-day yoga retreat. >> there's people there who are high. >> there's no drugs, trust me. >> this is the parking lot with port-a-potties.


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